Our mission----Innovation is the source and credit is the root.
Innovation is the soul of the development of enterprise and innovation is the inconsumable power of keeping going.
Technology innovation, products innovation, conception innovation, management innovation
Trust and credit is the base of an upright person.
The action shall be in accordance with speech.
To win market share and good reputation by the keep faith and customer go first.
Our spirit----Hardworking, Efficiency, Practical and Innovation.

      Since Jishan Group was founded in 1986. Now it has become a modern corporation integrating the three industries of trade, investment in real estate and finance & investment. It has over 10 branch companies and more than 1500 employees. In 2004, Jishan Group, which mainly produce textile and dying products, was successfully listed in Singapore in the market of manufacturing motherboards and became the first direct listed company in Zhejiang Province in Singapore. At present, the company has gradually developed in the direction of real estate as the main and entity as the subsidiary.
    Jishan Group promotes the management idea of integrity and innovation,advocating the enterprise spirit of being hardworking, efficient, pragmatic and innovative.After more than 30 years' development, the company has acquired itself such awards as 'National Large-Scale Enterprise', 'Advanced Unit of National Exports','Best Management Company among Singapore Listed Chinese Companies','Top Ten China's Dyeing and Printing Industries,'National High-tech Enterprise','Shaoxing Real Estate Annual Most Influential Brand Housing Enterprises', 'Shaoxing Real Estate The annual strength regional benchmark building', 'Shaoxing real estate annual regional influence building', 'Shaoxing Best Huxing Design Award'.
    At the beginning of this century, the company entered into real estate development, and successively developed many projects. In 2011, the company and Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group cooperated in the development of 'Binjiang Jishan Jadeite Garden' project. In the southwest corner of the ancient city of Shaoxing, an area of about 320 Mu was built, with a total floor area of about 370,000 square meters, surrounded by water on three sides, with a unique hydrophilic and high-grade residential project along the river landscape belt of 1,800 meters. The sub-district also has the largest and most luxurious property in Shaoxing, and it is also the most expensive real-life club in Shaoxing, and has become the largest high-end real estate project in the southwest section of Shaoxing. In 2014, the Group plans to start the Pingshui Health Valley Project with a total area of 1180 mu in Pingshui Lanruoshi District, Shaoxing, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The project closely focuses on the theme of "green, health preservation", aiming at creating a harmonious coexistence environment between human beings and nature, and will become a key project in Shaoxing City for development.

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